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I’m back again!!! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Especially for those who are celebrating Thanksgiving with their families this long weekend. Anyway on with the post.

Like I said in my earlier post Experimenting with Color, I’ve been changing it up a bit. For this outfit, I went with a black and white theme with gold accessories. I wore this really simple black shirt with adorned with white collar and shoulders. This piece is from Papaya Clothing. I tend not to wear this top with casual pieces such as this denim skirt from Forever 21 (Also one of my favorite skirts ever!) but it still worked well. To match I wore this cute Steve Madden crossbody bag. I seriously love the gold chain attached to this bag. It really helps to complete the outfit and goes with the gold accent.

As a little extra (If you want to call it that), I also paired it with a pearl and golden stud clip on earing. This clip on earring is from Claires. Depending on the mood I sometimes add on a clip on as an extra accessory. You can’t see the earing in many of the pictures so  I wasn’t sure if I should add it or not.

Anyway until next time

-Tiffany xx




Experimenting With Color


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Hey there,

So I’m back for another look. I’ve really been slacking when it comes to posting because I’ve been so busy sorting out other projects I have going on. Luckily every back on track so from now on, I promise to dedicate more into this blog.

Anyway, during my time away, I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with my looks. As the season is officially changing, I thought it would be a good idea to change my looks up too. I’ve really been wanting to take myself out of my comfort zone little and try something different. You could say this outfit was the start of my little experiment. If I wanted to add lighter colors, I would usually try and incorporate a dark color as my base and work from there. But it’s all about taking risks. I used this cute blush pink top and white button up skirt, both from Forever 21, as my base. Finally, I added this vibrant turquoise blazer from Vero Moda. This blazer is one of my favorites. I tend to dress it with darker colors but it still worked so well with the white and blush. to finish off I paired the outfit with my trusty circle glasses, which are also from Forever 21.

Moral of the story – Don’t be afraid to experiment a little!

– Tiffany xx

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So I’ve honestly been so confused with the weather. I mean I don’t know about everyone else but it’s September and it’s 41 degrees with a heat wave warning for most of the week. Weird right. Global warming I guess, but let’s leave that for the environmental blog. Either way, I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed it. It was the perfect excuse to bring out this Red off the shoulder top from Forever 21. It’s a light material and amazing for warm summer days if you need a bit of breeze. As well as the style the color is definitely a plus, it’ll stand out with any skin tone.


Since the dress is such a simple style, that does require a lot of extras, I dressed it up with these cute knee high boots from Call It Spring. These boots are matched really and really helped to complete the look.

-Tiffany xx